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Boarding @ Home: Day 19/84: Friday 'Good' for All!

What's on the shelf behind then? With so much chat about the backdrops to HomeWorkers, we felt time for some posing myself. The handheld tome [left] is to distract from the old large white £5 note, Prestonpans Teddy, one Doulton vase of mother's pair, and of course myriad other titles including Olympics records. The tomes to right and then below are some of my 'own' 40 titles and from lifetime colleagues that are gathering dust beneath cobwebs upstairs here in the Dovecot; and just a glimpse of the Madeira pottery we collected there - yes it rained! [Click to enlarge.]

Hot cross buns of course … ..and the cry first recorded in 1767 according to Wikipedia runs: One a penny, two a penny, hot cross-buns; If you’ve no daughters, give them to your sons; And if you’ve no kind of pretty little elves, Why then good faith, e’en eat them all yourselves. Sounds right for the Dolphinstoun grandsons and the granddaughters in Ilkley! [They all came online Facebook Messenger at 4.30pm - no song but they were all there with Lorna exhibiting her champion home made Hot Cross Buns - not listening to Mary Berry then!] What we do know is that sister Anne, now 84, always pretended not to eat them until Good Friday until supermarkets took to selling them all year round - same fate as Cadbury's [originally launched for Easter] wee eggs. I was consulting with them at the time they decided to offer them year round. It's dicacity, mockery. My stockpile of said buns at The Lodge had reached 10 with myself the only gluten eater. The one's I ate for breakfast said 'Best by March 31st' the balance by April 9th. The birds and I looked back with pleasure to the 31st.
Third Lockdown Coffee Morning. Of course Friday is Coffee Day hereabouts. With last Saturday's community coffee morning [with cake] cancelled at our church [closed by Interdict from Canterbury for but the first occasion since Pope Innocent III did likewise when in dispute with the English Crown 1208-1214] this week's occasion took on special significance. It was accompanied by good news from John and Jenny Unwin in Feuillade near Angouleme that lockdown in France was going well for them. Twitter messages from Dick and Yvonne Gerdzen in South Africa report that they are well. Coffee was formally taken with chocolate coated rice biscuits on the front door step to avoid the burgeoning NE breeze on the patio.
New games at The Manor today. Sit on mower races, laps around the front driveway. All were there including Henry [not captured yet!] and Elliot managed less than 1 minute for the circuit. [Click to enlarge]

Published Date: April 10th 2020

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