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Clan Court & Household

The baronial records show that members of four great Clans have previously held title since the 16th Century. ( Before that date it was held by the Monks and Abbey of Newbattle. ) Each Clan has several of its own distinctive tartans for ordinary, hunting, dress and ancient together with some unrecognised by the Clan Chief. In the following sentences we have made illustrative links to one for each Clan.

The first holders after the Reformation were the Kerrs, followed by the Morrisons, and the Grants. Today's Barons were born into the Park Sept of Clan MacDonald, but in 1999 received their own Prestoungrange accredited tartan from the Scottish Tartans Society. This new tartan is available for use by all members of their direct families including the Baron of Dolphinstoun, and all members of the Prestoungrange and Dolphinstoun Households. The Barons have also authorised it to be worn by the global family Wills.

The Laird's Household consists of whomsoever he wishes to invite to join. The Members List is maintained by the Baron Sergeand and each is accorded the right to wear the Baronial Crest with strap and buckle and the kilt. The crest is taken from the Baron's Letters Patent granting Ensigns Armorial from the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh. On that document can also be seen the Baronial Badge with wings uplifted, which can also be used. (The Badge has two designs - for Wills and Dolphinstoun and for Prestoungrange).

The Household is the social and family dimension of the barony. On all occasions when it meets Glenkinchie Lowland malt whisky is served - the distillery at Pencaitland is close by the baronial lands and has been appointed sole distiller to the Barons. Other suppliers have been officially appointed.

The Baron Courts are the formal executive for the affairs of the barony. They lost their legal powers at the beginning of the 20th century, and feudal duties of vassal to superior were finally abolished along with feudal land tenure as the 5th Act of the re-established Scottish Parliament in May 2000.

In 2002 Baron Courts were also incorporated as a Scottish charity

In medieval times, The Baron Bailie presided at the Baron Court. Today's re-established Court has the Baron in the chair, with Lady Prestoungrange as his deputy. Administrative matters are the responsibility of the Bailie and operations the responsibility of the Sergeand. Financial matters are attended to by the Procurator Fiscal.

The Court meets bi-monthly and at least once each year with full regalia.

Today's Baron Court ( which because it is shared in common with the Baron of Dolphinstoun is formally known as "The Baron Courts of Prestoungrange & Dolphinstoun" ) conducts its affairs as a not-for-profit corporation with liabilities limited by the guarantees of its Officers. Records of all its meetings are kept together with annual audited accounts ( Password protected for Officers' and Household Members' use only ).

John & Jenny Unwin a la France
Malcolm Watson of Prestonpans
Gordon, Much Honoured Baron of Prestoungrange
Julian, Much Honoured Baron of Dolphinstoun
Avril, Lady Prestoungrange
Kathryn Wills of Prestoungrange
Lorna Wills of Prestoungrange
Natasha Wills of Prestoungrange
Francesca Wills of Prestoungrange
Eleanor Wills
Florence Wills
Bryan and Joan Wills of Edmonton
Lesley A Wills of Victoria
Stephen and Wendy Wills of Edmonton
Pamela Hartwell of Oakham
Sylvia Burgess of Buckingham
Richard and Rachel Teare of Deddington
Janet Chainey of St Peter Port
Fredrick Tao of Hong Kong
Ben and Soo S'ng of Kuala Lumpur
Paul Colbert of Bedford
Jane Bonnar of Musselburgh
Karl Schutz of Chemainus
John Wicks of The Sunshine Coast
Anne Taylor of Haddington
Stephen Kerr of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Annemarie Allan of Prestonpans
Andrew Crummy of Cockenzie
Kate Hunter of Edinburgh
Jim and Helen Kable of Brisbane
Hans Maurer of Auckland
Amanda & Nicholas Healey of Oakham
Lindsay Davidson of Linlithgow
Andrew Laurie of Prestonpans
Patricia James of Alice Springs
Mathew and April Boffin of Hawaii
Duncan Wills of Prestoungrange
Gregory and Cornelia Wills of Whitehorse
Fiona Wills of Seattle
Carol Oliver of Brackley
Craig Allan of Gullane
John Lindsay - Poet Laureate of Prestoungrange
Mathew Wills Younger of Prestoungrange
John & Jenny Unwin of 'France'
Dick & Yvonne Gerdzen of Barcelona
Laura, Lady of Dolphinstoun
Lynn Drummond of Prestonpans

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