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Boarding @ Home: Day 15/84: Weymouth and the Marigolds

Growing wild on the Milton Jitty and Google finds Avril's Latrine The two pictures below tell their own story. Kindly gifted tulips [daren't pick our own!] have made their way to the green bin and Avril's 30 minute exercise has been her opportunity to find wallflowers literally growing out of the walls of the jitty and wildly scattered marigolds in our own front garden. The other image of course is Mathew's final Google location for mother's birthday gift from those Ilkley Willses.

Talking of gardens again .. if 27/ 67 million have them that means 40 million don't. These are the folk one imagines who quickly go stir crazy and set up a barbecue on the beach or sun bathe in a park - just as we contented 27 million can without rebuke. Even blab about croquet! Seeing emptied play areas in blocks of flats reminded me of the wisdom of Slough Trading Estates back in 1962 when I worked there in marketing research at ICI Paints. Mars was just along the road. We had large numbers of cars coming and going so rush hour would have been a nightmare except our wise landlords at the Estates had convinced all the tenanted employers to agree staggered start/ stop shift times. It worked brilliantly. So, Matt Hancock, advise and encourage flat dwellers with play areas to get their act together on their own account and allocate time slots one to another; same for council parks if needs be. Could do it by post codes readily enough and you'd actually know your neighbours to say hi.
Made the right decision about Weymouth then! It wasn't a hard choice to stay in Milton rather than heading to Somerset House at Melcombe Regis [aka Weymouth these days] to hunker down. The infrastructure and family support in Milton is vastly superior even if a walk on the Esplanade would have been breezily pleasant. For Catherine Calderwood in Scotland however, the temptation was clearly too much. Leading the tv campaign not to travel to distant locations and then having the arrogance and hypocrisy to believe she did not have to take the instructions she was giving others, and going 40 miles to her second home two weekends in a row, necessarily ensured her downfall. We can only trust the lauded advice the First Minister has been receiving from her is better than her manifest behaviours.
Weymouth is actually in the news .. but not on account of any misdemeanours by ourselves. With the demise of the eccentric 7th Marquis of Bath of Longleat fame Viscount and Lady Weymouth step up to the marquisate from their seaside courtesy title. It will be fascinating in the years ahead to see what the new couple will make of their inheritance; maybe their own Strictly Come Dancing occasions?
Jane Shilling edgelords it a bit today! [I was delighted to hear back appreciatively from the illaqueated Bailie of Dolphinstoun to whom my unusual word usage is dedicated.] Edgelording is deliberately being edgy and controversial even and Jane Shilling does her best today in the Daily Telegraph. She addresses a well familiar paradox that husband/ wife or as she puts it, partners at home, often have a different approach to washing up. And once the dishwasher is either broken down or out of tablets it's back to the sink. She was educated from childhood by her mother to sequence the task: glassware, cutlery, plates, pots and pans. She suggests her partner first learnt his craft as a student at university --all in one sink of hot water. No sequence except one dictated/ constrained by the possibilities for stacking on the draining board[s]. Jane's dilemma is: should she complain to her other half or be thankful the workload is shared? I can assert that no self respecting 'housewife' would hold back on advice on washing up or on how to correctly stack the dishwasher, having well established lifelong learning credentials. Her problem is that she's been a worker just like her partner so neither she nor her partner has any rights in the matter. As HM The Queen opined only last night, we must remain 'united and resolute'. Can you not helpfully imagine how she and Phillip would resolve the issue without amaritude?

Published Date: April 6th 2020

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