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Boarding @ Home: Day 2/84: Food parcels arrive

Working out how to get food supplies organised

This was the first order of priority really once PM Boris Johnston had told us the new rules, shortly to become laws: Stay Indoors for 84 days.

We'd already discussed with Julian and Laura how we'd give them a 'Wish List' as well as a serious essentials list like Bovril and Bread. And so it was that on Tuesday 24th Julian went shopping first to Tesco then to Lidl [Yes, we know it's forbidden after knocking down the Fowler's HQ in Prestonpans] but Julian had no such scruples and he's in charge.

Lidl did charge him for 50 packets of parsnips however on the check out slip. Something for him to query on a subsequent trip. But he arrived mid afternoon with our two carrier bags [from travels in France of course!] And Yes there was Bovril and brown bread as well as 1 packet of parsnips and half a baguette! That was scheduled for 3/84 of course

and a couple of vital bottles of Sauvignon Blanc. We're reduced to Sparkling Wines only apart from that fresh supply.

We read somewhere to let the carrier bags, not the food, de-louse so we hung them on the line overnight and there was a slight air frost.

Published Date: March 24th 2020

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