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Dunbar 1650 to be re-enacted - September 14/ 15th 2019 ... Call for Support!

Re-enactors and Supporters are invited to Dunbar!

Calling all C17th century re-enactors who will gladly support the ongoing initiatives at Dunbar, the highlight of which will be the 1650 living history weekend on 14-15 September 2019.

Scottish Battlefields Trust is mustering together a single composite company from each army, with many interesting things planned for the weekend including Town Parade, Councils of War, cavalry displays, skirmishes, and of course Re-enactment of a segment of the battle itself (pike contact at point). There's camping available on a good site within the original battlefield area, close to historic town centre and amenities.

Registration is open to re-enactors from any C17th society, but you'll need to register to get onto the insurance.

The weekend will be the high point of several years' hard work supported by Historic Environment Scotland enabling new interpretation trails onto the battlefield, refurbishing the monument with support from the Cromwell Association, and raising the general profile of this most significant conflict.

There'll also be a special exhibition on in the town museum at the same time relating to the archaeological discoveries in Durham to which thousands of Scottish soldiers were force marched.

Re-enactors: registration is now open for any C17th re-enactors wishing to participate in the event. Please join the participants' page here to find out more: HERE

images from the 2016 Re-enactments in Dunbar

Ed: Know your history!

The year is 1650. For more than a decade the three kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland have been wracked by civil war. Whilst fighting a desperate war of their own against the Scots Royalists, the Scots Covenanters had allied with the English Parliament to bring down their king, Charles I. But now that Parliament has killed the king without Scotland's approval, and his son has been proclaimed in Edinburgh. Oliver Cromwell, hero of the new republic, leads a veteran army into the country of his former allies to impose a new order.

But Cromwell's designs have been thwarted. The Scots have set aside their differences in the face of this formidable threat, and assembled a large army. At every turn Cromwell's advances on Edinburgh have been blocked, and in appalling weather he has been forced to retreat. At Musselburgh and Haddington he was hard pressed to hold back the Scottish forces as his own army limped towards Dunbar, soaked, exhausted, and sick.

The Scots have more men, they have a stronger position. They are confident of victory. They come down from their hilltop and settle in for a rainy night, ready to force the Commowealth forces to evacuate Dunbar in the morning.

But their enemy is far from beaten yet. Oliver Cromwell is about to strike back...

Published Date: March 8th 2019

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