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Novel from Pat Gemmiti on tragedy of Dunbar 1650

Now Dunbar 1650 has its own great novel to share the realities of that time

In Prestonpans we have already published four novels in the past decade on the 1745 Campaign - two by Sharon Dabell, Backward Glance and Onward Journey, one by Roy Pugh, The White Rose and the Thorntree and fourthly The Baron's Tale by Gordon Prestoiungrange. Sharon has also written of Pinkie Cleugh in A Border Union. These are available from our Online Boutique LINKED DIRECTLY HERE

Now from Florida comes Pat Gemmiti's tale from Dunbar, The Resilient Thistle - available on Amazon Books @ US$14.95 + pp.

Pat recounts the longitudinal tale of Scots taken prisoner at Dunbar in Cromwell's great victory over Leslie, marched to Durham, deported to the American Colonies as indentured servants whose families were able eventually to help build their new Republic over a century later.

With so much interest and awareness of the Scots captured by Cromwell who never made it beyond imprisonment in Durham Cathedral this novel extends the detailing of this tragic episode in our history. It is a fitting prequel to the current community initiatives led by Dunbar Community Council and its Heritage Group working with the Scottish Battlefields Trust and ELC and HES as grant supporters. Those initiatives will soon include a signed and interpreted Battlefield Walk and the staging of re-enactment events every three years. Indeed the first of those re-enactments has already taken place in 2016; and the next will be 14th/ 15th September 2019.

Published Date: October 12th 2018

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