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Karl's report from Ely

Dear family members of the Global Mural, Arts & Cultural Tourism Association.

WOW what a fabulous visit, a trip back into history! For those who know me, you also know how excited and inspired I get when I am in the company of visionaries, futurists and a dynamic team that can turn dreams into reality. Thatís the team I met in Ely - the team who is organizing the 2004 Global Mural Conference! From my observation it will be one of the best mural conferences held and without doubt will have the most delegates ever. I personally can hardly wait to take part next year.

Those who attend, and I hope you all do, will love Ely. It's all about the warm hospitality of a small American town, the reality of boyhood dreams of cowboys and cowgirls. A place where you still, to this day, leave your cars and doors unlocked. A place of fabulous outdoor scenery, with mountains reaching into the sky.

You will also be amazed by the Ely Renaissance Mural program - it's first class. The theme is all about their history, but with a very important added value. In addition to the native Indians, all the other ethnic pioneers who built this country are prominently featured and celebrated.

Their economic success has become another role model and you will be astonished to learn of their growth over the last 4 years. As for the conference program, it is based on what has been learned from the last three gatherings, with a very unique added touch by the Ely team.

I guarantee you that this conference will be like no other before. It will be very entertaining, enlightening, highly educational and extremely profitable for those who attend.

I will leave some of the most exciting aspects of Elyís remarkable history and achievements for them to share with you. I welcome you to participate, to inform us of YOUR achievements and to take this unique opportunity to market your project to the rest of the delegates, to the media and internationally.

Get ready for Ely, Nevada. August 25 - 28, 2004

Chairperson: Lorraine M. Clark P.O. Box 151719
Ely, Nevada 89315 USA Phone: (775) 289-8769
Fax: (775) 289-2912

In the hope to see you all in ELY, I remain with best regards

Founding President

Published Date: March 19th 2003

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