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Cockenzie Masterplan Deserves Respect ... and Implementation!

Not quite clear to our community whether the MasterPlan will stay standing ...

Nobody thinks designing for future job creating activities on the old Cockenzie Power station lands will be easy, or straight-forward. But after the most extensive consultations a MasterPlan was lately arrived at that set out four discrete zones, including a the Green Zone encompassing the battlefield and the 1722 Waggonway.

East Lothian Council, despite the investment in that MasterPlan of 150,000, has consistently asserted it is 'not yet Council policy.' They've not said why but it's readily apparent they wish to keep all their options open, ever hopeful of an inspirational and resourceful incomer who might not quite wish to be constrained by such a MasterPlan. That's understood since many millions will be required to carry forward the necessary developments but for how long can the resultant 'planning blight' be tolerable? Certainly we at the Battle Trust wish to return the battlesite to revenue earning [for the ELC] agriculture as soon as possible. Is it seriously contemplated that a worthy 'incomer' might wish/ be granted the right to challenge that 'green' conclusion of the MasterPlan?

... and as Cockenzie & Port Seton Community Councillors point out below [reported in the East Lothian Courier] there are other substantial notions to explore and carry forward.

Published Date: July 10th 2018

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