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Prestonpans' Miners' Memorial shortly to be installed

Beautiful sculpture ready to be installed

It's been 50 years and more since the last pit closed in Prestonpans but life there has not been forgotten nor the miners who lost their lives over the centuries - reckoned at more than 200.

It is therefore more than timely that a memorial should be erected whilst a goodly few of those who worked for coal and their immediate children are still active in our community. And for those less well acquainted with the industry the memorial will forever be a reminder of our town's proud past. John Lindsay, our Poet Laureate in 2006 penned these lines:

In many ways, Prestonpans was a unique coal town since for centuries it used its access to coal to 'add value' as the phrase goes. Yes, plenty was shipped across the nation and to Sweden and the Baltic at large but much was used hereabouts. Our town was a centre for glass making, pottery and chemicals as well as brickmaking, brewing, salt and soap which all made good use of the black diamonds and provided employment for us all.

Gardner Molly as the chosen artist was only right

It has been only fitting that Gardner Molloy, our well famed local artist, should have been commissioned to create the memorial. His creativity has been exceptional in this instance as we all shall soon see. .. and well done Jimmy Yule and friends at large for persisting with this artwork and seeing it to fruition.

Published Date: May 19th 2017

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