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Fiona McCade Prefers a Re-enactment Flight to France and Italy

And Why Not?

Good to see that folk other than the Trustees and Supporters have a sense of humour about the Campaign we have in hand. I don't know how old Fiona may be but Sir Terry Wogan would appreciate her wise suggestion. And since fact is often stranger than fiction, it is of course most fortunate that Prestonpans has just twinned with Barga in Tuscany. So much more restful one can be assured, and indeed Scottish, than Rome these days.

Thanks for the idea. Most creative ... but a bit late of course since it is already being arranged [by the Prestoungrange Arts Festival to coincide with Barga's International Jazz Festival held each August].

...and ... we hereby extend to you Fiona our most gracious invitation to join us there. RSVP as they say in first stop France to

What Fiona had to say in Sunday Times: Scotland December 10th 2006

"Iím all for restaging exciting historical events to raise awareness of the past, but I donít understand why supporters of the Battle of Prestonpans Heritage Trust felt the need to follow in Bonnie Prince Charlieís footsteps and march on Derby last week. This was not one of the great, inspirational marches of all time. The Jacobites got there. Stopped. And marched back.
They didnít even do anything vaguely flamboyant, such as setting fire to it or indulging in the occasional bit of pillaging. No, they just turned tail and plodded back home.

Personally, if I was going to re-create one of the Bonnie Princeís jaunts, Iíd go for the post-Culloden trip: a flight to France followed by a short hop to Italy and a nice long rest."

Published Date: December 11th 2006

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