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'Sober' Praise for Brothers and Others ... The Press is Impressed

Enjoying Every Moment ..

The victory by Preston Athletic [first time ever in the Scottish Cup despite earlier attempts] over 3rd Division promotion hopefuls Stenhousemuir, has continued to attract plaudits all round from the press this week as the selection below shows. What are we all to make of it in Prestonpans? What angles have the press spotted to spin us all up to such dizzy heights? Are we really wonderunder-dogs not just at Preston Athletic but even our town itself?

What should we make of Manager Stevie Myatt's resolve not to touch a drop on that fateful Saturday night because he recalls that he tends to forget if he drinks and he wants to remember for ever the day's events? [Sound Gothenburg Principles at work there even if not a promise of temperance throughout the Cup run].

Are Preston Athletic giant killers as some say, or was Stenny having a bad hair day or worse?

Were the brothers Stuart Miller and Paul Cowie also playing for their families' honour to show brothers Kenny of Celtic and Don of Ross County they too can cut the mustard with a goal apiece? Was the report that they were drinkin' 'away' from their sponsor's own Goth hostelries at The Legion after the match just a wicked rumour or call for a red card?

Or was it that Prestoungrange Gothenburg shirt that made all the difference?

Certainly we at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg are absolutely delighted. We know winners when we see them and so does Preston Athletic when they see The Goth awash with Radio Forth and CAMRA awards. Preston Athletic's success through its photo calls in the nationals and prowess on the field has given us all, town and The Goth alike, incresed public esteem across Scotland and we gratefully acknowledge that here.

But enough of this editorial blether. Read on ...

click to enlarge all press cuttings

Published Date: November 22nd 2006

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