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Paris, c'est incroyable! That's what they said at Centre Culturel Auguste Dobel

It wont be seen again in Europe until 2017 .. the last of the current 14 exhibitions in Western Europe has closed in Paris and the panels are now bound for Australia

... where, DHL willing and able, Goolwa SA will give the Diaspora Tapestry its 15th 'total' exhibition - Down Under - our first destination south of the equator!

DHL Paris has collected [in the white van shown above] and the panels, now in six boxes with associated Carnet will be forever away until end 2016 - back with stitchers, as promised. From Australia they will travel to Otago New Zealand and then back across the equator to Canada and the USA.

Only the panels themselves are going south! Exhibition visitors will all perforce be using the new APP of the entire artwork which is now freely downloadable from both Apple Store & Android - keywords are Scottish Diaspora Tapestry. And any visitors wishing to buy the merchandise and books etc. needs to go online to the Arts Festival Boutique linked DIRECTLY HERE

Auguste-Dobel put out the Blue Carpet for their Exhibition and integrated it all with a Celtic Festival of Music, Food and Literature

That's a first, a Blue Carpet! It replaced red the previous month since we understand blue was felt to be more Scottish. St Andrew would no doubt approve of that one. [Le Celtique image was actually en route to Paris but the chrysanthemums were so grand it had to be shown!]

Taking down and packing for the journey to Australia and New Zealand was done by a combined team from Auguste-Dobel itself [led by Liv holding the book!], the Scottish community from Boussy [led by Pamela Marr] and the itinerants from Edinborg [led by Sharon Beck].

... and Jenny Bruce [far right in picture above] was very much present making sure she knew what was going to be what when all arrived in Australia. Jenny, from Helmsdale, is the Friends' volunteer who will stay the course with the tapestry until it reaches Vancouver in May 2016.

Published Date: October 30th 2015

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