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Just About Everything Comes to Those Who Wait?

BathHouse Mural Finally Appears - at the Windows!

When the tale of the murals at Prestonpans finally gets written, the BathHouse at the Heritage Museum will be there at the beginning of the beginning. What we see below are the first two [of some 20] images to go onto the BathHouse windows over the coming two months. Tom Ewing is the Muralist-in-Charge but the man with the brush is none other than the Baron of Dolphinstoun - long heralded as the painter on the baronial family tree but never before coaxed to work in The Pans.

Click on images to enlarge

The fascination of the BathHouse for the Arts Festival is that it was five years ago that it was first mooted and, although Planning Committee of the East Lothian Council, which owns it, agreed to a fine work by Andrew Crummy Margaret O'Connor felt it would not be appropriate. So Andrew went on to paint his outstanding Transporation Mural on the baronial foreshore where it still stands proud against the sea each winter; and just for fun, the internet image of Andrew's work appears on this website 'virtually' where it would have been had it been agreed upon!

However, pleased to record here that Margaret O'Connnor has seen the error of her ways, knows a good thing when she sees it, or has simply changed her mind. She recently gladly gave consent when the present pattern of painting the boarded up windows was proposed.

Watch both this space and the BathHouse itself as you travel past in the coming weeks. Best views from top of the # 26 as ever!

Published Date: July 31st 2006

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