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Friends of the Tapestries .. next Convocation a Celebration! June 25th

Our Next Convocation of Friends of the Tapestries
Thursday June 25th from 12.30 till 3pm

It's our 305 Panel Celebration [or is it 304?] and we begin with 12.30 lunch at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg [so please let us know if you're coming along so we can cater and any special diets]. Finished by 3pm.

Lots to tell & to discuss ...

Tales from the Exhibitions in Bergen and Veere from those who drove the white van ..
Next Stops Barga/ Picinisco/ Paris .. then air freight to Goolwa/ Adelaide/ Hobart et al
Recruitment Time for Australasia and North America [have you got relos there?]

2nd Complete Edition for Diaspora Tapestry and Narrative Embroidery Books for sale at 17% discount - [post and packaging free!]

The APP is coming .. by November

Recruitment time & Venue identification for 2016 Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry

Return of the Diaspora Tapestry 2017 ... Recruitment for London, Merseyside, Belfast and Dublin; 3 Harbours Displays
School/ History/ Embroidery sharing 2017/ 2018 ... EducationScotland 2017 Competition ... segmented exhibitions ...

EventScotland 2017: Year of History, Heritage & Archaeology .. what's that meaning for us?

Permanent home for the Tapestries at Prestongrange Heritage Museum? What progress?

All the Other Business ...

Published Date: May 22nd 2015

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