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Battlefield Trust UK says No to InchCape Sub-Station on Battlefield

Nice to know who you can count on when the battle is waged

Certainly not Historic Scotland nor the SNP Cabinet Secretary for inter alia Historic Scotland including the National Inventory of Battlefields.

Fiona Hyslop MSP has just written to our local MSP Iain Gray who was asked by the Battle Trust to question the work of her officials in failing to Object to InchCape's SubStation on the battlefield, referring us back to the self-same officials who expressed the opinion on her behalf in the first place.

So, it's clearly going to be self help under the umbrella/ in partnership with the Coastal Regeneration Alliance and the local media - East Lothian Courier, East Lothian News and Radio Saltire and, we are delighted to say, in collaboration with the UK's Battlefields Trust.

Their own 2005 map [below] of our local battlefield which through the Inventory Fiona Hyslop MSP as Cabinet Secretary is mandated to uphold, quite clearly shows how battle flowed east to west. More significantly it highlights that the site InchCape wants to build on is very a likely burial ground!

Will someone please call Scottish Power to account?

How much longer will these arguments go on? There is a simple solution to the issues raised staring us all in the face, which no public official has yet addressed. Scottish Power's now redundant coal store is readily available for InchCape's Sub-Station. If it is to be built, build it on that brownfield land not on the battlefield.

Published Date: August 25th 2014

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