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Prestonpans Tapestry heading for St John's Kirk, Perth: 11th June/ 27th July

Second Visit to Perth by the Prestonpans Tapestry

The Prince spent 4 days in Perth in 1745, raising funds for his campaign. His treasure chest was maxed out as we say these days, just one guinea left, although Lord Elco was soon to make a loan of 1500! His campaign was joined there by both the Duke of Perth and Lord George Murray as Jacquie MacNally's panel # 37 tells. [Colonel Bower also met and saluted The Prince in Perth, whence the name Salutation Inn. The fact he did was used in evidence against him in 1746 when he was subsequently placed on trial in York, accused of being a Jacobite supporter!]

The Salutation Inn depicted by Jacquie MacNally was indeed where the Prince held meetings and where our initial exhibition on September 5th/ 8th 2010 took place. That was but a short stop, intentionally the same length as the Prince in 1745. Now however, for 2014 the exhibition will last long enough for word of mouth to ensure many more interested visitors can come along. We are privileged and delighted to be able to convene at St John's Kirk June 11th/ July 27th - which will clearly be a most beautiful location for its display.

Published Date: January 25th 2014

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