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Diaspora Tapestry Blossoms at Veere in the Netherlands

Coming very soon for preview in Prestonpans ... Dutch panels from Veere ...

Panels are also coming from the Scots diaspora in Rotterdam as well as from Veere but Veere has completed its embroidery first so it's their beautiful artwork we'll next see in The Pans. They are the latest of the the 25 nations across the world where Scots have settled to begin to tell their stories on embroidered panels for the 250+ panel artwork under way currently.

It's known as the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry and has its own website and Facebook pages LINKED DIRECTLY HERE. And it's going to begin its 'comprehensive' national exhibitions at the 2014 3 Harbours Festival on May 31st next year.

But the arrival of each cohort of panels is too exciting an occasion to keep secret and the news will continually leak out in The Pans over the next 9 months. When they arrive the Arts Festival takes responsibility to block and prepare them for the exhibition displays and to add the text commentary. Comprehensive guides for all 25 countries are being prepared in English, their own language and Gaelic.

Veere's celebration of completion was a very festive occasion with The Honorary Conservator of the Scottish Privileges in the Low Countries, Neil Wallace, presiding, with Christina Polderman, Secretary Scotland-Veere. Children from Veere were also involved and the 'house piper' was present throughout in his kilt, the Veere District Tartan.

Quite rightly, all the stitchers involved in Veere are proud of what they have accomplished since April this year when they first received their designs and wools from Andrew Crummy's studios - Yes, it's Andrew's third great embroidered community artwork!

Ed: There is plenty of scope for East Lothian based stitchers to assist with this great artwork, with some of the panels being created here in Scotland by reverse diaspora groups and friends. And much help is still needed in the hub and block house! So if you want to be involved get in touch with Yvonne Murphy and Gillian Hart at the Contact e-address on the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry website LINKED DIRECTLY HERE.

Published Date: October 14th 2013

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