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Tapestry to go on Display where the Prince slept after Victory: Pinkie House

Pinkie House: Musselburgh April 22nd/ 24th 2013

It's brilliant news that the Prestonpans Tapestry will again be available locally in East Lothian. This time at the iconic Pinkie House where the Prince slept after his Victory ... at the time the home of the Hanoverian Secretary of State for North Britain [that's us!].

And Yes, the stitcher of her own bedroom window in 2010 will be there too without a doubt! To quote from the Official Guide:

This Pinkie House panel was embroidered by members of the Fisherow Craft Clinic.... ‘While they were working on this panel at Craft Clinic, they discovered that down the corridor was Sharon Keulemans, who happened to live in Pinkie House and could point out her own bedroom window! They insisted that she stitched the window and in return were given a tour of the house which really brought the story to life for them. In ways like this the Tapestry has been more than just a sewing project, but also a surprise and a delight. Stitchers include Gaynor Allen, Jan Dempster, Karen Fiddler, Wilma Harper, Sue Henderson, Sharon Keulemans, Charlotte Kirby, Karyn Malcolm-Smith, Rosemary Taylor and Laura Young.

P.S. We're hoping to get a dedicated tea towel and mug for sale as souvenirs at Pinkie House ... why not?

Published Date: January 25th 2013

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