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Bayeux Exhibition Dates Now Set as September 14th to November 3rd 2013 ... and 25 wee Bursaries available

Dates Confirmed for Bayeux Exhibition of The Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry

It's been a badly kept secret that an invitation to exhibit in Bayeux had been received. Now the dates for its run there have been set. What we have not yet resolved is the precise dates of the long weekend Scottish Pageant we propose to offer Les Citoyens de Bayeux as thanks.

The dates as can be readily seen include the anniversary of the Battle itself in Prestonpans, which this year will feature Gardiner's Dragoons for the first time! So the plan is to give the good people of Bayeux their Scottish awakening during October.

More Good News ... 25 x 100 Bursaries for those who wish to make the visit and join the Pageant!

The Battle Trust is able to offer 25 x 100 Bursaries to any who are willing to make their way to Bayeux with appropriate attire. And Yes, there will also be a invitation to the Most un-Scottish Norman Banquet whilst we are there.

At this juncture we need to know who might care to apply for the Bursaries and The Banquet in return for their 'Scottish services'. If there are more than 25 hopefuls, we are hopeful in turn we might find a few more bursaries. But, if we fail, we sincerely trust you'll understand and accept that we have to reserve the right to be a tad judgemental on the winners in order to get a balanced Pageant so to speak.

Once we know who's interested we'll be able to discuss logistics, chateau rentals and the rest.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO EXPLORE WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN AND SUGGEST YOU'D LIKE TO TAKE PART ... please be in touch with either Arran Johnston [ ] or Gordon Prestoungrange [ ].

Their names are linked directly if that helps.

Please also suggest what your attire/ contribution might be from playing fiddle or the pipes, embroidering, singing the pibroch or simply walking the walk, marching the march and eating the haggis .....

And please be in touch asap with email addresses so we can start to plan and design the Pageant, remembering always that the best laid schemes ... aft gang agly!!

Published Date: May 21st 2013

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