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Gaelic Open Forum: Monday October 29th @ The Gothenburg - ALL WELCOME

Gaelic Speakers and All who are interested ... an Invitation to explore the use of the language in East Lothian!

The latest large scale international tapestry being created in Prestonpans - The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry - has attracted a major grant from Bňrd na Gŕidhlig. The grant will meeet the cost of translations from English in Gaelic of all the interpretive and promotional materials that go with the new 125 metre tapestry including its website to be found @

The Arts Festival plans to involve as many from East Lothian as possible

The evening will include a discussion of Gaelic poetry, led by the Scotsman’s Gaelic editor, Ronald Black, and a light supper will be served. Anyone with an interest in the Gaelic language is very welcome to attend.

Dr Gordon Prestoungrange, Chairman of the project’s management group said: “This grant will allow us to add another fascinating and exciting dimension to the Diaspora Tapestry project.

“It’s especially gratifying to receive the grant here in Prestonpans, the site of the greatest victory of the Highland army of Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745. The vast majority of those men were Gaelic speakers, as was the famous Scottish poet Alasdair MacMhaigstir Alasdair who was also there that day in his capacity of tutor to the Prince.

“A great many of the Scots who formed the Diaspora were also Gaelic speakers and in many places across the world the language has been kept alive to this day. Being able to fully incorporate Gaelic into our project is a fitting link between the history of the Diaspora and present-day Scotland.

“We are really keen to locate people in East Lothian who can help us with the Gaelic dimensions of the project and as a first step we invite them to come along to the Forum at the Goth.”

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry project is now well underway and is making links with 25 communities around the globe with Scottish connections. Volunteers from each community will be involved in creating up to 10 panels, telling the Diaspora story of their community.

The completed tapestry sections will be brought together in Scotland in 2014, as a central part of the Homecoming celebrations. These celebrations will also involve communities around Scotland with historical links to those in the Diaspora. Its eventual home will of course be in Prestonpans. Groups in Prestonpans have already started planning how they will celebrate their links with twin Italian town of Barga and the Goth's own twin Goteborg in Sweden - both have already produced a number of embroidered panels.

Thuirt an Leasaiche Cŕnain Gŕidhlig aig Bňrd na Gŕidhlig, Daibhidh Boag: “Tha eachdraidh na Gŕidhlig agus ŕs-imrich nan Albannach gu ceithir ŕirdean na cruinne co-thoinnte, agus tha sinn toilichte taic a sholarachadh gus dčanamh cinnteach gum bi na stuthan eadar-mhěneachaidh co-cheangailte ris a’ phrňiseact rim faotainn le luchd-labhairt na Gŕidhlig. Tha e cudromach do luchd-labhairt a’ chŕnain gu lŕithreach agus san ŕm ri teachd, an eachdraidh bheň seo ann am Brat-grčise Diaspara na h-Alba a chlŕradh agus a chomharrachadh, a’ solarachadh děleab fhreagarrach mar phŕirt de shubhachasan Tilleadh Dhachaigh na h-Alba ann an 2014.”

Bňrd na Gŕidhlig Leasaiche Cŕnain Gŕidhlig, Daibhidh Boag said: “The history of the Gaelic language and emigration of Scots to the four corners of the globe are inextricably linked and we are happy to provide support to ensure that the interpretative materials associated with the project will be available to Gaelic speakers. For current and future speakers of the language, it is important to record and celebrate this living history in the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry, providing a fitting legacy as part of the Homecoming Scotland 2014 celebrations.”

Published Date: October 26th 2012

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