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Battle of Fulford retold as Tapestry: more about 1066 ...

Bayeux's inspired far more embroiderers than we first thought!

We certainly knew that the ladies of Leek in Staffordshire has created a complete full colour replica to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 - now to be found in Reading Museum. But, until last week when Lord John Cope drew our attention to it we were unaware that Fulford, just south of York, was busy stitching a Prequel.

Charles Jones, author of The Forgotten Battle of 1066 [Tempus Books 2006] has designed and encouraged local stitchers to embroider the story of Fulford.

It was one of King Harold II of England's troubling dilemmas in 1066 when, having crowned himself the day after King Edward the Confessor died, that he anticipated the landing of William of Normandy on the South Coast as well as invasion from Norway. King Harald came ashore from Norway aided by King Harold's own [exiled] brother, Earl Tostig, who was also brother-in-law to William of Normandy. The Battle at Fulford, where Harold's cause was upheld in vain by two grandsons of Lady Godiva, went to King Harald. It preceded the better known battle at Stamford Bridge where King Harold II saw both King Harald and Earl Tostig slain.

Charles Jones is spot on! There's a compelling Prequel, a forgotten third battle of 1066. The Fulford stitchers resolved to use Bayeux styling - planning to create 5 metres, some of which appears below.

Published Date: October 23rd 2012

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