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What to do about our errors?

We have been told!

We're most fortunate that not only do we have Hungarian readers here at Newsnet keeping us up to speed on whiskies the Prince could have drunk along his route to Prestonpans in 1745 [if only they had been distilling at the time.] We also have those who point out the odd wee errors we perpetrated in the Tapestry in 2009/ 2010. Thus far we have ...

The Prince embarked on Panel #3: ... in 1745, not 1744 as could be implied.

HMS Lion on Panel # 5: The ship which battled all day long with L'Elisabeth was from the navy of Great Britain not England.

Capture of Redcoats at Highbridge on Panel #20: ... should be ascribed to Tirnadris not Timadris.

The Redcoat Slaughter on Panel #83: The quotation given should be attributed to Johnstone not Johnston.

Colonel Gardiner's Last Stand on Panel #84: This occasion has long been eulogised, but alas on the panel the gallant Colonel fights beneath a Union flag which includes the red cross of St Patrick of Ireland - which we all know was not to be incorporated into the Union of Great Britian until 1801!

Cope gets to Berwick on Panel # 95: The quotation should read .... Ye were na blate.

Are there more? Please let us know @ and most importantly what if anything do readers here think we should do about them?

Currently the Trust intends to leave them all as 'charming' reminders that whilst we always should aim for perfection .... and of course, no names, no packdrill ...

Published Date: December 21st 2011

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