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Something's moving across the channel - the Tapestry's getting animated!

Adding new dimensions to the Tapestry

The quality and texture of the Prestonpans Tapestry is so impressive that the Trust has from the outset struggled to find ways to complement and enhance it for those who visit.

From the outset we recognised that photography 'flattened' the artwork, so the official Guidebook made sure it contained both the historical and embroidery notes for each panel. And significant 'interpretation' chapters were included too. Greentrax did a brilliant job at gathering together the Songs and Music of the Campaign on CD; and Eric Robinson's seminal archival DVD Stitches for Charlie records 'how, why, where and by whom it was created' with images, words and music. And audio tour technology resources in French and English are in preparation.

Souvenirs have begun to emerge. There have been cups & mugs, postcards and pens. A children's colouring book and a children's story book are in preparation along with posters and jig saws, tea towels and more bookmarks. The exhibitions in France and Quebec in 2012 will have translations of some key detailing and their own comprehensive presentation of the Tapestry story extending the very cartoon technique already employed by Andrew Crummy.

...but across the Channel, for Bayeux, a team from OREP in Cully have developed something truly intriguing!

Gregory Pique and colleagues at OREP have created an animated DVD of the Bayeux Tapestry; and they have now been commissioned by the Battle Trust to do the same for the Prestonpans Tapestry. It's a small but unique publishing enterprise with a deliberate focus on Normandy's history from early Vikings to the DDay Landings.

Below key features of the escaping Brigadiers' Panel can be seen in the studio at Cully. The background has been separated from the horses and their riders. The artist's techniques used by Walt Disney to create moving cartoons in the early 20th century are now undertaken on computers.

Note how horses' feet that in our Tapestry panel are in the air now touch the ground and vice versa! Lighting flashes elswhere, bread is baked, muskets roar and Highlanders charge. And that's not all since of course there's voice over commentary and music to enhance the Prince's splendid tale.

Here's hoping it's ready for Christmas or perhaps Boxing Day viewing?

P.S. It wont be our cheapest artefact, but it certainly brings an exciting new dimension to our artwork that will further endear it to young and old alike. Likely retail price will be 15 - with a special offer to Stitchers of course.

Published Date: September 7th 2011

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