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Anthem Knocking Condemned - Lewis take note!

Doubts cast on wisdom of Open Letter to Lewis Hamilton

Our Newsnet 'Open Letter to Lewis Hamilton' earlier this week has drawn serious critique from good friends, as well as supportive hearsay.

"[Such postings are] going to do the [Prestonpans] project no good. It makes it look like .... another true-believer project. Slating someone who is British and has actually won something is going to get no support, nor is knocking the national anthem regardless of its origins.

"George I could have come to the UK as [Hanover] Germany is part of the EU so that's wrong as well. He wasn't a Usurper as he was put in place by the Government [Parliament]..."

Tounge in cheek or true-believer?

... well, like Lewis Hamilton's comments, there was certainly some tounge in cheek. That was the editorial intention. But the factual criticism is 100% correct: EU freedom of movement laws would have allowed George I entry despite his inability to speak English. Taxwise, if there had been any to pay, he might also have qualified as a non-dom with his frequent absences!

As to the suggestion of true-believer status, either on this Editor's part or the Battle Trust at large, it is important to reaffirm that the Trust and this website/ NewsNet are here to conserve, interpret and communicate the meaning and significance of the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745.

In so far as the Prince's Victory at Prestonpans pressaged regime change for Scotland, and after Derby perhaps for the whole of Great Britain, what Martin Margulies termed 'counter history/ what-if?' at St Mary's Cathedral last week is and should surely be on our Agenda.

God Save Great George our King....
Rebellious Scots to Crush

The fact remains that our national anthem is an extraordinary phenomenon with origins unlike any other in the world.

Published Date: July 30th 2011

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