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More Murals for The Pans? Absolutely .... three in fact ... and a hint of Aldhammer too ...

Fifty Murals and still counting ....

There's a well established theory around the globe that once a town has 50+ murals additional outdoor public art frankly makes considerably less impact. But in The Pans we're working on a quite different angle for such a theory. "It all depends on what focus that next mural takes! Does it bring in a new community interest group?" That's just occured with the Prestonpans Tapestry and a legion of embroiderers ....

click to enlarge all images

Cuthill Park gets Lowes Market Garden

One of the less talked about aspects of Pans history is the role it fulfilled for many years as a market garden for Edinburgh in the days before supermarket giants flew/ trucked in produce from around the world. Lowe's was one of our best known and its story has been adopted by the new 'ecofriendly community gardeners of Cuthill'. The mural seen below, and the accompanying signature board [above] of its creators, is on the brickwork of the west facing wall of the Bowling Club. Its south facing wall has long been adorned by Tom Ewing's Witch Trial and the annual mural fest competition. And at the top of the park, there are the three ELIS John Muir totems of course. [Also shown below to indicate the ever growing diversity of Cuthill Park art.]

At the foot of Lowes Market Garden the coming year will see all manner of produce a growing - and incidentally the same enthusiasts have also planted a great many Spring bulbs in the park so they're not far off either.

Michael Jessing is labouring too ...

... it might look unfinished, and it is, delayed by the weather, but the neighbouring streetscape will be familiar. Yet Michael's mural [he won the Cuthill Mural Fest 2009 and was a runner up in 2010] celebrating The Labour Movement in The Pans already gives a hint of what to expect. It's the second major plank in the Prestoungrange Arts Festival's campaign in support of the Community Council's inititaive to raise a sculpture in town to honour generations of Coal Miners. The first, already in progress is the Miners' Gala Day musical - written by Andrew Dallmeyer and destined for many a performance not least on Gala Day 2011 in Cuthill Park where the action is set.

...more murals news? Yes. Adele Conn's second mural at Prestonpans Station is now fully funded and will be crafted early in the New Year.

Adele Conn's award winning mural of the Ticket Office at Prestonpans Station,[whose ticket seller came to see the Prestonpans Tapestry only last week in The Dovecot in Edinburgh, is Chairman of the Bo'ness Heritage Trail - and Bo'ness is the community where Colonel Gardiner was born] is to be greatly extended along the down platform in the Spring with funding support from Awards for All and East Lothian Council.

... and there's talk of Auld Aldhammer yet ... so watch out for developments along the foreshore ....,

Last year's fierce storm did more than a wee bit of damage to more than a few murals. Restoration has been proceeding apace and Andrew Crummy's artwork on Sam Burns' Gates is now almost complete again. [Spot the difference this time? Trace of a smile perhaps ...?] But Kate Hunter's blue John Muir /Gothenburg mural at the foot of Redburn Road [unveiled in 2003 by Jorgen Linder, Lord Mayor of Goteborg] needs a lot of work as do the upper reaches of the Prestoungrange Totem Pole. On the shore itself, the Salt Ladies panel was completely lost in the storm, and now it's been replastered will capture a new tale from our town's history.

Published Date: November 27th 2010

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