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The best laid schemes o' mice and men aft gang agley ...

We've lots of good news ... and two well laid schemes that've gang agley

Andrew's happy ... as pictured last weekend in The Scotsman's Magazine

All the panels are now under finalisation, and on the BIG DAY at our 'Private Viewing' Tapestry Gala everyone will be able to see the whole artwork .... [just a few were late for very plausible reasons creating knock on logistical nightmares ... of which a word below]

... but N.B. the Gala wont quite be taking place where we thought it would when the Invitations went out. Then we said 'Prestonpans Heritage Museum' but The Travellers are currently lodged there so we've moved along the coastline - eastwards about a mile to what in The Pans we call Green Hills. So, if you are coming from Musselburgh on the sea shore road just drive straight through Prestonpans and as soon as you pass Lidl on the left take the next left .. it's a modest road but plenty of parking on the edge of the Forth. We're going to be in two rather large marquees there. Coming from Cockenzie on the coast road it's the next turn right after the Power Station just before Lidl on the right.

That all said, everyone who is organising the Gala is looking forward to seeing a 100% turnout on the day... doors open at 11 am with coffee after which ....

And the Second Scheme Gang Agley?

Alas! It's the actual binding of the Guidebook for the Tapestry. But wait, there's good news! It will be bound [it will have already been printed by July 26th] by about August 6th ... and at the Tapestry Gala you'll definitely be able to see the printed pages although, as stated the binding wont be done!

On July 26th we want every stitcher to autograph her/ his panel in the book and the Master Copy duly signed in this way by us all will be lodged with the archives for posterity.

Each Lead Stitcher of each panel will, as you know, be receiving a personal cloth bound copy of the book with the most sincere compliments of the Battle Trust and Arts Festival. On July 26th you'll have Andrew Crummy and Dorie Wilkie signing all the 'Presentation' labels to go inside the front cover of the book and we'll ask you to take the label home with you. N.B. In so far as you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to spend the Prince's 10 or 5 bank notes towards securing additional copies for family, friends, second or more Stitchers or any other lucky beneficiary, you will be able to place orders with Sylvia Burgess at the Gala. We would ask for payment with all such orders please to avoid extra administration later.

Postage on the book is astronomically expensive [about 6 per copy because its 272 pp art paper] so, Sylvia will be agreeing with one and all just how best the books can be either collected at one or other of the Parade venues during August / September or at your pleasure/ leisure in The Pans.

Published Date: July 13th 2010

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