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It's true .. there will now be 104 Panels in the Tapestry ...and two metres up front ...

We're delighted to have been back in touch with the present residents at Kinlochmoidart House because they promised to embroider their own 'local' panel in September last year when we were in residence at Borrodale.

So, a new # 17 is being stitched post haste telling of the arrival of the Prince's firm friend John Murray of Broughton at Kinlochmoidart on August 17th. He was subsequently to turn King's [George II's] Evidence and betray several leading Jacobites but that was for another day!

All auld numbers #17 and upwards please add one number to find your new place on the rank!

... and there are to be two metres of Prefatory panelling too

At the front end of the tapestry the Battle Trust's logo/ badge will appear followed by the signatures/ names of all the prime stitchers of the panels. So there's another ToDo item for the list then ...

Just reminding everyone if we may:

1. The BIG date is July 26th for the BIG Private Viewing of the completed tapestry in Prestonpans;

2. The book of the tapestry needs a black and white photograph of each stitcher[s] in action - if we don't get one we'll use a zoo-ological picture instead;

3. The book requires a short autobiographical note on each stitcher - don't whatever you do trust us to write it for you;

4. Yes, we'll need your signature;

5. We'd love as many panels as possible by May 31st although June 30th is the absolute deadline - if you have problems shout now please;

6. [repeat] The BIG day is July 26th in Prestonpans .... and we know you'll want to bring some 'family' along ... the answer is that we'd expect 2 or 3 and if its 4 it's exceptional. More than 4 wont really get in the door! Formal Invitations from the Prince will be going out in mid May.

P.S. The Tapestry is going to tour the Highlands/ Lowlands with the Prince in August/ September so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to take larger crowds along to see it!

Published Date: April 24th 2010

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