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Oxgangs Learning History Elegantly!

It's in the curriculum - The Jacobites, so how can we help?

School visits are continuing across the county and in Edinburgh, more than 22 to date from the series of 35 planned - comments below from youngsters in P6 at Oxgangs School:

"On Wednesday the 16th of March our class had a visit from the Prestonpans Battle Group. They told us what it would be like in the Jacobite's times. My favourite part was there was a big desk of the Prestonpans battlefield and we had to go in two groups. My group was the Redcoats the other team were the Jacobites. We had to roll the dice to six and then we had a choice to either fire a cannon, run away or move to a different section. Sadly our team lost and the Jacobites won! - Jack P

"On 16th March a Jacobite came to our class to teach us about the Battle of Prestonpans. First we listened to some music in memory of the Jacobites who died. We had to close our eyes, and when we opened them another Jacobite appeared who was shouting and screaming. Everybody got a fright.

The Jacobite shouted orders then stopped and asked: How you doing? It was funny.

He asked for a volunteer to be Sir John Cope and Shane put his hand up and became Sir John Cope. Shane had to dress up and get weapons. He had a musket bigger than him.

The Jacobite showed the class and Shane how to load a musket. It looked very complicated but it wasn’t. He showed us a trick that the redcoat army used to get people to join them by putting a coin in an ale bottle."
- Alex.

Published Date: March 30th 2010

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