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Stitching down under, and it's hot!

Rosemary Farmer stitching for Australia!

One honourable stitcher at least is at work when we're all fast asleep, or should be. That's Rosemary down under in Sydney, NSW. Some might envy the heat she has as our snow just begins to melt here! And she's bought her own Aussie wool [after much discussion] as it would take too long to send all that way but that's not a precedent for us here in Europe or the USA. We've got the benefit of wholesale buying.

Rosemary wrote:

"Firstly, I am finding the web site really helpful. Especially the photos of the panels. It is great to enlarge them and see how certain areas have been stitched.

"I've only the heads of the redcoats on Panel #70 to do now, and a half of my Highlander. Then the background.

"I recieved the linen on the 1st February, and now one month and one week later 8th March I am half way there. I hope to finish all the large figures by Sunday night, 14th. That will leave me two weeks to do the smaller foot soldiers . I hope to finish the end of March.

"This'll leave April to do my baby sewing for the two new grandbabies coming in May 13th in Toronto and June 6th in Musselburgh.

"I will leave for Canada on May 3rd and arrive in Musselburgh on May 28th. So hope to deliver my panel personally to you after that. It's going to be hand luggage!"

Things Rosemary's found useful.

"I've found that BOHIN 24 Tapisserie avec pointe chenille sewing needles are brilliant. They are so sharp and have a large eye and go through the linen like butter.
John James chenille 18/24 are also good although I only used the 24 - until I discovered the BOHIN.

"Also in my sewing supplies I have found Black DMC Medici wool. It is very fine and smooth and beautiful for facial features and hands. So if you can find a supply it is great and is the same black as the Appletons.

"I've also bought all the Appletons that I need from the two main Embroidery supply shops in Sydney. Dont think they have much left.

"I've laced my panel onto stretcher bars. This took two hours to prepare but I find it works well. I have to re-string and re-roll every couple of days though, to keep it tight.

"I'm getting a lot of support and interest from my family as they rush in everyday to see what progress has been made. I have taken progress photos and average about three to four hours a day embroidering. I am really enjoying it especially now that the temperatures are dropping to 20 degrees from about 28-30 degrees."

Red carpet in late May for Rosemary then, and can we have some of those progress pictures soon!

We'll let folk know when Rosemary's going to bring the finished work to the Pans. Perhaps a Thursday Workshop at Cockenzie and a wee party. And Rosemary, how about some of those jpegs up here to inspire the rest of us?

Published Date: March 10th 2010

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