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The Prestonpans Tapestry's own website launched ...

Dedicated Prestonpans Tapestry Website Launched ....

The creation of the Prestonpans Tapestry during 2009/ 2010 is set to be one of the most significant initiatives the Battle Trust and the Arts Festival in Prestonpans have yet set in hand. And as a member of the 'Global Association for Murals and Arts Tourism' we think that it's possibly an international first. It seems highly likely now that the Prestonpans Tapestry will ultimately include 100 x 1 metre wide x 500 mm high panels, making it some 110 yards or 330 ft long.

So between January 9th and July 23rd 2010 this new website will be our 'progress reporting url'. Once the Tapestry is complete and in exhibition from July 23rd onwards we shall archive the story of its creation and this website will then become the destination for all manner of viewing, animations, commentary, critique and story telling as appropriate.

The 1745 Battle Trust and the Prestoungrange Arts Festival are the Tapestry's joint sponsors. [Yes, it's really embroidery but in the tradition of 'Bayeux' we are calling it our tapestry]. And we have asked our long standing web designers Richard White and Rob Jarvis at designandonline to undertake the web systems and design here for us, and the emerging result is ready now for you to explore. Just click @


Our Promise to our Stitchers ....

All our stitchers across Scotland with email addresses, and there are 100+ volunteers now, have been added to this NewsNet reporting process, so you will receive each Tapestry related news item as it occurs. N.B. If you find this tiresome or simply don't want to receive these updates, please just contact Gillian Hart or Gordon Prestoungrange by email [or phone 01875 819922/ 01280 816161] and we shall remove your name from our Tapestry Updates mailing list.

All Arts Festival & Global Friends/ 1745 Battlers/ EH32ers/ Barons' courtiers/ Panners at large ....

... the details of the progress of the Prestonpans Tapestry will continue to reach you via your regular NewsNet mailings .... and here's hoping that our Global Murals & Arts Tourism colleagues in North America, Australasia, Invergordon and Callington .... will enjoy our use of embroidery as a major art form telling the heritage and history of our town ..... and if perchance there are others who've attempted such a project, please let us know soonest so we can compare notes and learn lessons!

Published Date: January 12th 2010

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