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Artists At Work ... Adele Conn Gets Crackin'

Well Done Adele!

Adele Conn has been an active, no ... super-active, leader at the Arts Festival since the Gothenburg reopened in 2004; and of Three Harbours since its foundation over three years ago. And she's been a key driving force behind the Goth's regular Art Exhibitions and much much more

So we should scarcely be surprised that she's put her energies around making the Belfield Artists Workshops just that, par excellence. On November 4th some 250 supporters came to show their appreciation and as predicted there was music and song and poetry and painting and sculpture ....

It's a small space for so much art particularly with Greg Dawson-Allen, our own local Scottish Arts Council Story Teller, tucked away in his corner; art classes; and Hamish Moore making his pipes. So it was all too wise to photograph Adele Conn before those crowds arrived.

Just take a look at what she's achieved in the space, and be sure to take a reality check during the daytime and at weekends.

click to enlarge images

... and it was all as foretold in the press of course

Published Date: November 6th 2009

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