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'Robert Anderson' of New England

Can Anyone Give Us Some Genealogy on 'The' Robert Anderson of Riggonhead Defile Fame?

The Trustees were delighted to hear from 'a' Robert Anderson who hails from Dunbar but is now retired and staying in New England, not too far from the Colonel in Chief of the Alan Breck Prestonpans Volunteers. Can any of our web readers here help with any further Anderson genealogy?

Robert wrote to us as follows:

"My family farmed at Meikle Pinkerton, near Dunbar until the early 20th century, and I believe I am descended from the Appin Stewarts who came from just north of Oban. I know my forebears fought at Culloden, and I am sure they were involved heavily at Prestonpans. I also have direct relationship to the Ross from east of the Inverness area, and my first wife was from the Camerons of Lochiel.

"My genealogical records and research [Scottish Roots in Edinburgh] show:

"My grandfather as Robert Anderson [b.1864 d.1916], my great grandfather George Brown Anderson [b.1836 d.1924 married Mary Jane Begbie Stewart], who's brother was named Robert Anderson, and whose father was also a Robert Anderson (b. circa 1800). His father was in turn believed to be a Robert Anderson, local to the East Lothian area.

"I cannot confirm it but it would appear possible I am indeed a descendent of 'the' Robert Anderson always mentioned for his role at the Battle."

We replied:

"We are delighted to learn of your possible connections to 'The' famed Robert Anderson hereabouts who gave advice to The Prince and Cameron of Lochiel. We made contact last year with descendants of the Jenkinson sisters who were at Tranent Manse and nursed Gardiner as he died on September 21/ 22 and had earlier met The Prince at Duddingston. We shall put the word out on the web to see if any others speak up.

"Our big question for you is: Will you be coming to Scotland for the July 25/ 26th Gathering in 2009, or the Homecoming activities across 2009 being Burns' 250th anniversary?. If so, would you care to join us here in The Pans? We have some Camerons from New Zealand expected in July and more ... and we are re-enacting the Tranent Churchyard skirmish + a major exhibition/battlefield walks and battle gaming. And in September 19/ 21st we have our regular annual re-enactments of course.

"We're pleased you ticked the Alan Breck box too! We'll be copying in the Pans-based Colonel Agitant, Adam Watters and the Colonel in Chief. The latter for our Alan Breck Regiment here in The Pans is also from New England, Martin Margulies - author of the definitive book on our battle in 2007 ... We gave him a Regimental Dinner and the rest he'll not forget. We are asking him to make contact with you. He lives just half an hour away there in the US - [meeting now scheduled for February 12th in fact].

"Please stay in touch ..."


Anyone with any information or leads on Anderson's genealogy please be in touch with us at the Trust using
and with Robert GAVIN Stewart Anderson directly @

Published Date: February 9th 2009

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