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Julia takes The Prize and Echoes Our Hopes!

Julia Says It All

Julia Murphy's designs for the Auld Fowler's HQ/ Coeval Building as and when, or is it if, it survives have won her 100 spending money for her holidays this year - and she is just as delighted as the Arts Festival's directors are.

Julia's ideas as reported in both the East Lothian Courier and East Lothian News echo those the Festival has been campaigning for. Julia particularly likes the opportunities it will give for The Pans to relate to the sea.

click on all cuttings to enalrge

Fowler's Ales too have their eye on the opportunity it can offer to get brewing going again on a larger scale to enable bottling as well as cask beers.

Next Stop in the Campaign is at the Public Services Ombudsman!

Lately the Festival's appeals to both The Minister and the Chief Executive of Historic Scotland [HS] to reopen their consideration because justice is not being done to Panners have fallen on deaf ears, or at least on the HS Rule Book as currently written and implemented. Next stop on the appealing route against the refusal to List seemingly lies with Scotland's Public Services Ombudsman so the Arts Festival is now all set for a steep new Learning Curve as that process comes into play!

It's never all over till the Fat Lady Sings ....

.... to be continued ...

Published Date: July 18th 2008

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