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Massive Challenge for our Textile Artists - our own Bayeux Tapestry

The Challenge is Made! Can We Meet It?

Most will have heard of the 70 metre long Bayeux tapestry telling the tale of William I [The Conqueror] securing his rightful throne from his usurper, Harold. They say nuns completed it in 4 years ....

Clearly however there was a mastermind behind the consistency of the artistic depiction as well as controls on the colours used and finally the need William felt to write history down carefully.

The three panels below show firstly Edward The Confessor resolving that William of Normandy should succeed him as King of England; and asking Harold to go and tell William this. Which he does, and there swears allegiance to William.

However, when Edward Confessor dies as shown in panel three Harold decides to usurp the crown of England for himself. Haley's Comet passes that year 1066 which is a bad omen and things get even worse when William invades to take the crown that is his. Harold gets killed. William conquers all including Scotland establishing feudal rule through his Barons and Lords of Manors many of whom came with him to fight.

click to enlarge each panel

So what does that mean for Prestonpans?

No prizes for guessing. In perhaps one of its most ambitious initiative to date, the Prestoungrange Arts Festival in partnership with the Battle Heritage Trust quite simply want to tell the tale in textiles Bayeux-style of HRH Prince Charles Edward's Adventure to regain his father's crown from Glenfinnan to Prestonpans ...

The call is out for volunteer textile artists working with the Arts Festival's team led by Andrew Crummy to create the work.

Can it be done?

Contact 01875 819922 or


There's a fine memorial in Bayeux to those who died in 1944 on the Normandy Beaches and the retaking of that Dukedom for France. Above a major portico is the message:

To The Conquered Who Returned to Free Their Conquerors.

Published Date: November 19th 2007

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