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Scotland's Barons Banquet at The Castle

Certainly Property Owners before 2004 will know about the ending of Feudal Land Tenure

Scotland's feudal Barons finally lost their rights in respect of dominum directum land tenure and their rights to hold Courts on November 28th 2004. [Their rights in their Courts had already been severely weakened in 1746 after so many - not the Campbells or Munroes let it be said - had supported HRH Prince Charles Edward.]

In July 2004, the town's own local Barons Courts of Prestoungrange and of Dolphinstoun were the last to meet anywhere in Scotland. Some will remember that miscreants went into the stocks and others were fined up to 40/-. Some serious decisions were taken by Deklarator to sustain the Courts' in perpetuity as social organisations for the benefit of the town's arts festival and more. The stocks still stand outside the Prestoungrange Gothenburg. And the Dignity of Baron officially lives on.

It was also resolved, moreover, that each November 28th an Annual Celebration Banquet [with Barons of Beef] should be held. It is for those who work along with the Barons Courts banqueting together with as many of Scotland's other Barons who cared to accept an invitation.

Baronial numbers have grown and this November 28th no fewer than 26 Scottish Barons, HRH Prince Charles Edward and 70 Guests have accepted the invitation. It is being held at Edinburgh Castle in The Jacobite Room on November 28th and preceded by a Private Visit to The Honours of Scotland. The Laverocks will be there to sing, Dr Lindsay Davidson who is Master of The Musick for the Barons Courts will pipe throughout and The Poet Laureate John Lindsay his wisest guidance shall proffer.

It is billed as the largest gathering of Scottish Barons since they met in Edinburgh 300 years ago to debate and eventually agree the Act of Union with the Sassenachs.

Published Date: November 19th 2007

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