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5. Pat Fox' Burriss Bursary 2006/ 2007 Exhibition

Private Viewing and a 'Very Official' Opening

Panner Pat Fox began painting three years ago and in July 2006 was awarded the 2006/ 2007 Burriss Bursary to create a portfolio of works over the following 12 months. As has now become the tradition, the works arising are displayed the following year on Gothenburg Day, July 23rd, which this year coincided with the Lord Mayor of Gothenburg's second visit to the town and the eponymous community pub. But before all the razmataz and Official Opening on July 23rd, there was the opportunity for Pat to invite along friends, family and fellow Arts Class members for a Private Viewing and some 60+ gathered in the James Park Bistro to see and to discuss. And the good news for Pat Fox was that he not only impressed his guests but saw a brisk sale of nearly half the works on display.

One painting that attracted especial topical attention was of the Prestoungrange Totem Pole erected August 2006 which he has donated to the Arts Festival Collection at The Gothenburg. So popular has it been however that it was the general consensus that prints shopuld be made and offered for sale!

click on cuttings and images to enlarge

A selection of the works Pat created is given below:

Pat Fox has a further, secret, life in The Pans however which is also greatly appreciated. He holds office for the Barons' Courts as Keeper of the Fortalice - which means he has responsibility for the arts and crafts decor and artefacts of the Prestoungrange Gothenburg and their maintenance.

Published Date: August 15th 2007

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