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Illuminating Scotland's Riviera .. that's Our SuperWard

Those well known chimneys are certainly attracting a lot of attention again

It was an inspired notion at the 2006 Three Harbours Festival to light up the internationally famous Cockenzie Power Station. And now it has been seen again for the first 10 days of June 2007 - with most considerable enhancements. Not for us carping criticism as it delivers necessary power across the nations with, yes, an ageing technology; rather absolute delight in the opportunity it affords to showcase our art in their canteen where over 1000 visitors came during the Festival and purchased art from the exhibitors. And just see those chimneys - what a work of art themselves! Or was it sculpture? {With the new Spanish owners of Scottish Power just imagine what might be in store for us all in 2008 and beyond? Adam Morris' piece already suggests there are three towers so obviously he is privy to Spanish plans already! Ed.]

Scotland's major national newspapers both took attentive note and indeed heart from the Three Harbours Festival and all it stands for hereabouts; and that phrase Riviera occured again - although 'Cannes in The Pans' was fortunately not mentioned again - still early days for our Film Festival perhaps!]

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Published Date: June 14th 2007

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