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Leviticus 243/84: Quooker day arrives ..... and we're in series and parallel

Avril's long aspired to Christmas Gift installed. As visitors know, our kitchen sink taps have been on the blink for a couple of years but the plan was always to get ahead with technology and GO QUOOKER. It's an elegant luxury that provides boiling water after a secure safety sequence as well as hot, cold and mixed. Quotations were as high as 2400 installed or half that price if you buy online .. so of course we did. Fortunately it tucks beneath the sink and can use the systems already there. If only life was simple. Beneath the sink electricity access points power up an outdoor supply, the dishwasher and the In-Sink-Erator that have been thoughtfully wired part in series and part in parallel. I lay awake all night trying to figure out why the In-Sink-Erator on an alternate access point ran continuously and on the third not at all. The three original systems only work effectively if left in exactly the sequence they had before the arrival of Quooker. The solution thus far is to ask the dishwasher, only used overnight, to share its electricity access point with the Quooker, only used during the daytime, rather than the original anticipation of temporarily suspending the outdoor power supply altogether in favour of the Quooker. Still with me that works, and we'll find out one day soon if the two accidently both on simultaneously throw the rocker! We should both have concentrated more at school although I did get GCE in Physics. The steam accompanying the boiling water begins by providing a cuppa next moistening the flowers and finally affording a progress report on the blossoming of our startling rainbow lilies, not tulips!

Spirits are well up in Ontario! So, Baldoon's stitching newbies at Chatham-Kent [CA38] have been having words with Guelph, founded 1827 by Scotsman John Galt with his own panel [CA15] already since 2014, and they reckon they too would like to take on all Tapestry 38 Canadian panels after Chatham-Kent's three week exposition sounds just what we all want. Fan out once ashore armed with the requisite Carnet for import/ export of works of art! And there will be shared shipping costs for them back to Scotland.

Are there any more potential locations whilst we're there you have to wonder. We were last in Canada from May 2016/ January 2017 crossing from Victoria to Montreal with just one hop south of the border to Marquette County, Wisconsin [US20] where John Muir spent his teenage years. Could we tempt the New England Indenturees' descendants we've since met in Dunbar as it remembers the deportations on Cromwell's orders after 1650 and after Worcester in 1651 [US02], or even Hawaii [US15A] - they've a Scottish Princess as well as Barak Obama in their heritage? Or Jamaica [JM01/05] including legendary nurse Mary Seacole?

Published Date: January 19th 2021

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