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Exeat: Day 128/84: Flags out and the beans are running

Getting ready for Manor House to isolate! If they're all at sea this is the flag to show - before the age of twitter and the rest

Hola, muy bien is all we've heard so far . and the same can be said for the new blooms appearing around The Lodge. We are putting the gladioli in the bed with Sylvia's yellow rose next to the flag - leaving good space for the runner beans and more below. I've twinned that with the mysterious cactus flower dahlias that have appeared next to the front garage wall; great colour.

Above left are Avril's much admired East Asian blue balloon flowers, platycodon grandiflorus, and the zinnias growing at the foot of the runner beans.
Pork & Beans again a great success . for supper with half a glass of Chianti Classico. It came to round off the day after a morning visit to David Stock, my Hip Surgeon. My only concern is the swelling of my right knee which isn't worsening but not improving much at all. Keep your foot up but he seemed unperturbed, warning it's really quite a long road to full recovery and don't get impatient. Wound was good and bandages were swopped over with the next appointment on Thursday 30th with Physiotherapist Jenni at 11am.
Next stage [2] for battlefields then The reason why any give battlefield is significant to the nation needs to be widely publicised and shared especially with local school children. Enlist the local media and recruit as widely as may be from others in the community - there's almost certainly a historian locally who's the look-to local expert. It's certainly a part of history worth knowing. Are there books/ movies on the subject? What memorials or interpretation boards have past generations erected and if so how well preserved are they? Action lines will be to Organise a Walk get a feel for the landscape; turn words into visual reality today. .

Words from Steven Poole There's been less use lately I wonder why?
Acrasia - temporary loss of self control or temperance
Colophon - inscription at end of book/ sign off/ end of this Bloggging?
Dringle - waste time, lingering
Enanttiodromia - one state is followed by the absolute opposite, blow hot and cold, about turn/ change ofmind
Eucrastrophe - sudden happy ending to a tale, denouement
Kickshaw - quelquechose, trivia, ridiculous things
Lipoxeny - leaving the host, last guy to leave the party
Lucubrate - study/ work by artificial light e.g. candles
Meme - cultural imitation, belonging
Minacious - threatening
Palmary - superlative, palms of victory
Quisquilian - this or that, rubbish, nonsense, garbage works ideas
Rambooze - compound summer drink using wine/ ale and eggs, milk, sugar etc.
Subtrist - little bit sad, melancholic
Terriculament - frightener of some sort, spider, threat made
Zamzawed - horrendously overcooked, overdone

Published Date: July 28th 2020

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