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Battle Trust Memory Lane [29]: Encamped and Drilled at Bankton House

Behind the Splendour there's Rigour & Discipline, as you'd expect!

One of the less obvious delights of annual battle re-enactments is the opportunity it affords for onlookers [gongoozlers as we call them] to meet and talk with the re-enactors themselves and their camp followers. Not all pitch their tents at Bankton House; most in 2007 and 2008 placed their bedrolls on the floor of the Town Hall. But each and every re-enactor is always pleased to discuss their uniform and the Regiment from which it is taken and their weapons including the Glenbucket's canon which fired repeatedly in Cuthill Park. And there's drill to be practised. In 2008 since some powder remained after the skirmishes were complete, re-enactors even gave gongoozlers the opportunity on the beach at Morrison's Haven to let off their muskets at the escaping redcoats aboard the boats to Pittenweem. In this atmopsphere, our own local Alan Breck Regiment was also out recruiting!

For 2009 it is hoped to be able to make substantially more of this aspect with open access to the re-enactors in Cuthill Park well before battle commences. The pictures below from 2008 give some inkling of the scenes that were to be found at Bankton House.

Our most sincere gratitude to all the re-enactors

It is hard to know how to sincerely express our very deepest gratitude to all those who give voluntarily of their time to share in our re-enactments here in the Pans. More than a few have travelled over 2000 miles to be with us taking more than a week's holiday to achieve it. Others give up weekend after weekend to take part in re-enactments across the nations both north and south of the border. Please be reassured we appreciate you all as Supporters of our Campaign for the Better Recognition and Presentation of the Battle of Prestonpans - a national Scottish asset of which our community is but steward. As Trustees we commit to strive each year to build on what we have learnt and to show respect for the voluntary contributions you all so readily make.

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Published Date: July 10th 2020

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