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Battle Trust Memory Lane [2]: Colonel Gardiner mortally wounded in 2008

Fatal Skirmish Re-enacted at Bankton House as Colonel Gardiner's Life is Recalled

The Minister of Prestonpans Kirk, the Rev Robert Simpson, once again played red coat Colonel Gardiner in the re-enactment of his final skirmish with the Highland Army.

But before his mortal wounding by the iconic thorntree Robert Simpson [pictured above] recalled the life James Gardiner had lived; afterwards The Prince laid a wreath at the obelisk to the Colonel erected in 1853 by public subscription.

click to enlarge all photographs throughout

The re-enactors here and throughout the day were from the Glenbuckets, the 77th 'Czech' Montgomeries, Lace Wars, The Charles Edward Stuart Regiment from Derby with our own Alan Breck Volunteers in support led by Agitant-General Adam Watters. And the banner and heavy leafletting to households had warned the town what to expect! By the time the battle skirmish at Bankton House began, more than 60 re-enactors had already Walked The Riggonhead Defile at 5 am and taken a hearty breakfast at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

After his wounding the Colonel was literally 'carted' away by his faithful servant again played by Depute Provost Roger Knox towards Tranent Manse where the Jenkinson sisters whom the Prince had met at Duddingston two days before, nursed him till his death on September 22nd 1745.


P.S. The Battle Trust has commissioned a new play from Andrew Dallmeyer [who wrote and directed the Battle of Pots 'n Pans] - this time focussing on The Life of Colonel Gardiner. It will be premiered in July 2009 when The Clan Chiefs' Gathering visits us in The Pans.

Published Date: June 7th 2020

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