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Boarding @ Home: Day 60/84: Floreat Malsoures - Chelsea Lives!

Virtual Chelsea Flower Show gives inspiration. Quite extraordinary how much interest there's been in gardens during lockdown - amongst the 29 million who have their own. And now the Garden Centres have reopened there's every opportunity to restock borders, or collect annuals at least. Wise Virgins of course already had oil for their lamps with a plenitude of seeds carefully filed ready for just such a moment.. Here is the Milton Malsoures Flower Show with descriptors as possible from the Head Gardener and more ALWAYS CLICK TO ENLARGE Spring 2020:

Euphorbia Pulcherrima

Blackbird Nest; Centaurea Cyanus seedlings; Quercus

Calendula Officianlis; Cordyline Australia; Crataegus; Deutzia Longifolia

Magnolia Manerium Malsoures; Magnolia mmanete ibi sagittam dirigens anorum Manerium Malsoures; Calluna vulgaris

Tulipa; Anemome+ Black Tulip; Tulipa

Myosotis; Pulsatilla vulgaris; Centaurea Montana

Syringa blanco; Ceanothus; Syringa lilac

Paeonia; Oxalis; Ceanothus

Lavendula stoechas; Rosmarinus officinalis + lamium; Geranium

Flag of British Columbia; Aubretia; Mentha + Allium schoenoprasum; Lady Lochnaw with giraffe

Aquilegia; Parthenenocissus tricuspidate Manerium Malsoures; Aquilegia

Fragaria; Ribes; Rosa Manerium Malsoures

Rhododendron; Clematis; Aesculus briotii

Bellis; Paeonia; Viola

Portulaca; Head Gardener + Runner beans; Primula Vulgaris

Ecclesia Milton Malsoures; lupinus; vetus Rectoriam Milton Malsoures

Published Date: May 21st 2020

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