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Boarding @ Home: Day 42/84: Food parcel arrives for Halfway House!

JIT from Ilkley comes a fine food parcel. Not that the crew at The Manor House haven't done magnificently from Day 1 but Ilkley felt beaucoup d' amuse bouche would be welcome and they certainly are. It marks the Half Way House, Day 42, for our putative 84 Days 'shielded' because we are aged over 70 and therefore more vulnerable than younger people. I had no time to dringle, spend time lingering. I immediately ate two Twinkies with my third coffee [one in bed with the Sunday Telegraph, the second awaiting kippers, lemon and lime marmaladen brown bread and butter for breakfast]. Avril partook of the Oat Bites - a healthy vegan snack. Still to be enjoyed as shown below are Tinned Flying Scotsman shortbreads and Glenfiddich Highland Whisky cake. The Homecook Thick Cut Marmalade awaits extra sugar but we both recall Avril's mother and father preparing such preserves during the Cold War 1945-1991 [as my Commemorative Medal @ Day 40/84 recounts.] Yesterneve's arrival of Aperol also features!

talking of food, it's leg of lamb this Sunday . and Monday and Tuesday no doubt. That brings the opportunity to gather our first mint harvest from beneath the pear tree and create some fresh mint sauce to go with it. Sprigs of mint appear, booted, with the food parcel's dwindling contents above.
Eucatastrophe seems promised for VE Day on Friday. We should perhaps wait till Friday and see the arrival of evidence based as opposed to modelled science but we're all being prepared in the media for a sudden happy turn in this coronavirus episode of our lives. Only Rod Liddle offers the view that social distancing and staying at home have long term attractions. Seen from the perspective of inactivity at home he suggests it's difficult to understand why we did so many of the things we did when life was normal. Others suggest we might be in danger of developing agoraphobia, not just a preference to stay away but a fear of going out. What the lockdown means for our visits to Weymouth was highlighted a while ago when Cate, Gill's daughter from #1 Somerset House was concerned about Peter from #3 popping in and out to his second home there. Gill is one of the vulnerables. Peter took a wee while to confirm to us all that his travels are essential work in the construction industry seeking to put to rest concerns about cladding high rise buildings. But the inability of Sarah @ #4 and ourselves to be in Weymouth just at present means the Body Corporate AGM has been placed on hold no real difficulties there. But our involvement in Scotland with the next Trustees meeting on May 14th is an issue. And our low cost early bookings for The Fringe on August 15/16 at Ocean Apartments were too clever by half! Looks like circulating papers a week before might be the best way to proceed and inviting comments. The need as our 200,000 Programme with the Lottery providing 49% is to be sure our alternative plans to go 100% digital with as much f2f as circumstances permit does justice to the investment. It looks good but the best laid schemes o' mice 'an men gang aft agly.
LEXICON for the 2nd QUARTER of Lockdown
As at the end of the 1st Quarter on Day 21/84 we now offer a lexicon of Steven Poole's wordage used since then. I can make no apology and there is no palinode forthcoming. Avril and I both take nimious and indesient delight in the words arriving each day. And the same with the Gaelic! We do not care if we are deemed airlings!

Airling - young thoughtless person
Alfear - uncontrollable fear
Antimetabole - grammatical inversion, travel in reverse direction for all, all for one
Aposiopesis - to fall silent, what more can I say?
Bafflegab - gobbledegook
Benedicience - kindness of speech
Boscage - art featuring woods
Chrestomathic - devoted to learning useful matters
Cognoscible - can be known/ incognoscible - can't be known
Collogue - conspire, talk together in secret
Compotation - having a drink together, symposium
Consopiation - torpor
Contumley - scornful behaviour
Crapulent - suffering the after effects of a debauch, hangover
Dringle - waste time lingering
Empleomania - perverse desire to hold public office
Eucatastrophe - sudden happy turn in a story
Facinorous - most wicked behaviour imaginable
Fantysheeny - ostentatious
Fnord - obscure message, surreal event
Foma - harmless untruths
Fugacious - apt to fly away
Gallimaufry - hotchpotch
Gudeon - gullible
Hwyl - emotional eloquence with great effect on listeners, in tune, on song, zesty
Indesient - unceasing
Ingurgitate - gobble quickly
Ipsedixitism - speaking to an idea that needs no further explanation
Irrefragable - cannot be denied
Logocentrism - speech is more authentic than the written word
logodaedalus - manipulates words with great cunning
Minimifidian - one who has the least necessary belief to get by
Monomania - totally obsessed with one thing
Mundivagant - traveller with wanderlust absent when it's convenient to be
Mussitation - low murmuring
Nimious - excessive
Nullibiety - state of being nowhere
Onomatomania - loss of memory of words
Overmorrow - day after tomorrow
Pandiculate - stretch or expand or go on about something or other .
Pareidolia - seeing patterns in random stimuli e.g. saltires in the sky
Saltinbanco - quack, mountebank
Scrouge - to encroach on someone's space
Spav - totally useless person
Ultracrepidarian - one who opines beyond own expertise
Videocentrism - seeing is believing above hearing or reading a description
Yesterneve - yesterday evening
Zetetic - investigating by inquiry, always in search of truth

Published Date: May 3rd 2020

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