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Seeking Volunteer[s] to Write Short History of Our Battle

1745 Association Asserts We are Slap-Dash Here in The Pans

We all know the pen is mightier than the sword, so to speak, so when we are taken to task by the Council of the 1745 Association for being 'slap-dash' in our website presentation it is clearly a wake up call worthy of Johnnie Cope himself.

Their critique, in #122 Winter 2006 of The Jacobite, is that the booklet to which we link has 'so many historical inaccuracies' that we are 'slap-dash'. Can't have that sort of reputation now can we, and certainly not with the distinguished membership of the 1745 Association ...... so we need volunteer[s] asap to rid us of the 'many inaccuracies' reportedly present and all too possibly create something more worthy altogether.

Please get in touch with if you can help in any way.

Published Date: December 4th 2006

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