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2006 was the year that the Global Arts and Tourism Association came to Prestoungrange. Some 120 members from 60 cities and towns came to see what Prestoungrange has accomplished over its first 6 years as an Arts Tourism Destination. They also shared what they had accomplished with one another.

These pages are archived details of what was offered and delivered throught the conference:
Global Conference 2006 Registration Information

August 15th - 19th 2006
@ The Prestoungrange Gothenburg

These dates coincided with the largest Arts Festival in the world, 10 miles west of Prestoungrange, namely the Fringe and the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle - they provided the background atmosphere! The focus was Prestoungrange in Prestonpans

29 murals were completed
23 historical booklets completed as individual titles and combined volumes
Reproduction pottery was made
Gothenburg and Prestoungrange calendars 2007 are in print
Prestoungrange artbook published - murals/ sculpture/ architecture
Prestoungrange - Chemainus Totem Pole was completed
Willie Park Golf Cup inaugurated for the Global Association at Royal Musselburgh
The Battlefield Walk was launched
Arts Tourism Action Learning degree programmes 1st Set graduated
Master art classes throughout the conference
Scotland's Minister for Tourism and Culture attended the Festival and Civic Reception

The comprehensive report of the conference is to be found at News Net as follows:

Tale I: Little Baggage but We Got a Castle, some Golf, Whisky and a Tattoo
Tale II: School's in ... Masters Watching ... Painting ... Talking
Tale III: Put Out the Flags and Books and Talk Galore
Tale IV: Murals Going East and Johnnie Moat
Tale V: Murals Going West and Witchcraft
Tale VI: "Are ye waukin' yet" ... for Battlefield Breakfast?
Tale VII: Hey Johnnie Cope...We Did a Mural-in-a-Day!
Tale VIII: Totem Finally Rises ...above the Waves
Tale IX: Delights on the Beach and in The Gothenburg
Tale X: Pans Civic Hoorah but Au Revoir in Tasmania
Tale XI: What The Media Saw Heard and Reported ... - August 19th