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Summer School for Murals Artists - August 13th/ 19th 2006

Mural Artists Summer School @ The Global Conference in Prestonpans
August 13th - 19th 2006

In parallel with the Global Murals Conference in Prestonpans, Summer School Master Classes have been arranged which will appeal to muralists and more besides. These are indicated below and may be subscribed to at £10 per session. Those wishing to attend this Summer School and also to participate in the overlapping activities with the Global Conference indicated below also pay a fee of £50.

All enquiries should be made to Adele Conn or Andrew Crummy at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg Ph. [44] [0]1875 819922 or by email at and be sure to quote: Summer School.

The details at this juncture are interim, but since numbers are strictly limited all those interested are advised to register as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Its not often one gets the opportunity to attend Master Classes with world leading names such as Wei Luan, Michelle Loughery, John Pugh and Art Mortimer.


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  • The Summer School may be booked for a fee of £50.
    Included in this fee are:
    (a) Summer School Reception and Dinner on Monday 14th August
    (b) Breakfast and Afternoon Teas from Wednesday 16th August to Friday 16th August
    (c) Civic Reception on Friday 16th August
  • All other meals and refreshments are to delegates own account.
  • Each Master Class I - X is bookable, but with limited numbers admitted. The maximum of 12 people per session; if under 18, delegates must be accompanied by an adult. A master class fee of £10 per class is payable.

Leading Artists

Art Mortimer, California -USA

Art Mortimer has been painting murals since 1971 and has painted over 70 murals in the course of his career. He is based in Santa Monica in the greater Los Angeles area, but has travelled widely painting his murals.

Many of Art's murals are Community Murals, designed to enhance and give focus to communities wishing to build community pride and attract visitors. In California, Art has painted Community Murals in the towns of Twenty Nine Palms, Lompoc, Susanville, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Sepulveda, Long Beach, Santa Paula, Upland and Claremont. He has also painted murals in Billings, Montana and in New York City.

John Pugh, California - USA

By weaving the powerful story-telling abilities of the narrative mural into the engaging impact of the life-size trompe L'oeil illusion artist John Pugh has created a stimulating and enlightening venue for both public and private art.

His murals have been instrumental in revitalizing the trompe L'oeil genre as a vital mode of artistic expression that is both aesthetically and intellectually challenging. By the synthesis of deception and enlightenment Pugh has legitimatised and expanded the horizons of the trompe L'oeil mural. He has created a truly monumental body of work and an artistic style worthy of its own descriptive expression: Narrative Illusionism. Kevin Bruce, author of the upcoming book "The Monumental Murals of John Pugh"

Wei Luan - USA

Wei was born in Manchuria, China in 1957. Wei went to school in Manchuria and studied at Luxun University, the finest university in China dedicated to only fine arts. After graduation he became an associate professor at Harbin University in the Fine Arts Department. He was commissioned, by the Chinese Ministry of Religion, to paint the history of Buddha from a man to a god. This was a first such history of its time. This project involved Wei and one other artist and 8 volunteer assistants. Over a period of 18 months they painted more than 400 murals and paintings in a national chinese temple. After Tiananmen square, Wei took advantage of a window of opportunity and he and his wife moved to New York.

In 1989 he was commissioned to do a one man show that depicted the events of 1989 including: The Tiananmen Square. Since that time he has lived and painted murals and portraits all over the United States and Canada. In 2001, he was given International recognition, by the Portrait Society of America, as one of the 10 most talented artists in the world. His painting of Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres won him the award.

Michelle Loughery and the Youth Mural Program - Canada

Michelle Loughery is an artist, organiser and educator. She has worked in the field of community public art for 20 years and has created over 40 large-scale murals, working with inter-generational groups, teens, elders, and children. Michelle served as Art Administrator for 10 years.

"I am an artist whose work is large scale, collaborative, public art pieces. I make community based monuments, which arise out of dialogue and exchange with community members. Mentorship is a natural outgrowth of my work as an artist. It is part of my projects that flowed into community public art, and now I find the circle completed with a renewed interest in how community, culture and change are part of the educational process".

Sandy Moffat - Glasgow, Scotland
Artist and former Head of Painting at the Glasgow School of Art with over 42 years teaching experience.

His workshop subject will focus on the portrait within the mural and will relate to his portraits of the poets, etc and how they reconfigure into large scale paintings. He��ll also refer to the mural paintings of his ex students, Ken Currie, Peter Howson, and Steven Campbell. Incidentally, he was recently in Italy visiting John Bellany (he��ll be talking about his big early pictures)

Andrew Crummy

Andrew has been Mural Convenor of The Prestoungrange Arts Festival since 2003. He has completed several of the murals by himself, but the vast majority of the work has been working with local artists, schools or residents of Prestonpans.

As well as running weekly Painting classes at The Prestoungrange Painting Club at The Cockenzie Business Centre he has completed many murals worldwide. He recently completed a one man show in central Edinburgh about changing sky over the Firth of Forth. Andrew will lead the mural in a day project.

Tom Ewing

Born and bred in Prestonpans Tom has been instrumental in developing the Art Classes at Cockenzie Business Centre. He has completed many of the murals in Prestonpans and painted the Totem Pole to be unveiled at the Global conference. His workshops will develop into the painting of the windows at Prestongrange Museum which will become part of the mural trail.

Adele Conn
As a successful mural painter in South Africa and with roots in Prestonpans, Adele has brought a vitality and energy to her mural creations in Prestonpans. She runs a painter class at the business centre every Wednesday. She recently completed ��The Redburn Dairy Cow�� for the Edinburgh Cowparade.

Mike Greenlaw
As the Senior Artworker at Craigmillar Arts, Mike has been working within a community context for over 20 years, but his main mural achievement has been the murals at The end of Princes Street in the centre of Edinburgh. For over 23 years he has painted 4 murals every year, each one making a comment on global issues.