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Fowler’s Fellows and Companions

The upstanding body of learner brewers who begin their in depth involvement with real ale brewing in the Fowler’s microbrewery are always accorded the recognition they deserve on successful completion of their brew.

The first stage is Fowler’s Fellow (ff) for all who have successfully seen 100 gallons brewed. The second stage is a Fowler’s Companion (fc), with 300 gallons to their credit.

The Roll of Accomplishment is recorded in these pages for posterity along with the date and brew(s) achieved. Each individual receives their own personal Certificate of Accomplishment. The inaugural BrewSets were from celebrities and old John Fowler & Company staffs in Prestonpans. But they have had many worthy followers and many more to come.

BrewSet 1: “I’m a Celebrity: Let Me In” 5th May 2004
Celebration Brew
Set Members:
Provost Pat O'Brien, Scott Murray & Finlay Lockie
BrewSet 2: Spice Scotland - 19th March 2005
Brewing IPA
Set Members:
Part of a mini BrewSet - Spice Scotland Leisure Club took part in helping to brew an IPA
BrewSet 3: 2nd April 2005
Brewing IPA
Set Members:
Hugh Reid & Ute Davis
BrewSet 4: 3rd May 2005
Brewing 70/ -
Set Members:
John Gerald & Craig (from Canada)
BrewSet 5: 27 July 2005
Brewing 80/-
Set Members:
Hugh Reid takes part in his second brewset
BrewSet 6: 11 August 2005
Brewing Pryde Set Members: Joe Spinner & Allan Craig
BrewSet 7: 28 September 2005
Brewing 80/- Set Members Colin Valentine
BrewSet 8: 8 October 2005
Brewing Porter Set Members Hugh Reid takes part in his third brewset and becomes a Fowler's Companion
BrewSet 9: 27 November 2005
Brewing Porter Set Members John & Robin Beith
BrewSet 10: 10 December 2005
Brewing Porter Set Member Chris Richmond

BrewSet 11: 5 January 2006

Brewing Winter Warmer Set Members Alan Murray & Alex Weatherhead
Used as our Celebration Ale for the CAMRA Award

BrewSet 12: 4 February 2006

Brewing 80/- Set Members William Baillie, Brian Smith, Gordon Burns and George Smith
BrewSet 13: 17 April 2006
Brewing 80/- Set Members Ronnie Archibald