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Yes Minister! Good to Learn We Have Your Support ...

Question #9 to the Minister of Tourism Culture & the Arts in the Scottish Parliament: November 9th 2006

John Home-Robertson, our local MSP and enthusiastic supporter of the 1745 Battle Heritage Trust, has honoured his promise to ask in the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood whether the 'Executive' in the person of Minister Patricia Ferguson supports the Aims of the 1745 Heritage Trust. And the Q. & A. sequence was:

9 November 2006

John Home Robertson (East Lothian) (Lab): "To ask the Scottish Executive whether it will co-operate with the Battle of Prestonpans (1745) Heritage Trust to seek to safeguard the site of the battlefield and to promote awareness of its local and national significance".

Ms Patricia Ferguson (Minister):
"The Executive is taking steps to promote awareness of battlefields in Scotland, and recognises Prestonpans as a site of national significance. We are committed to working in partnership with the voluntary sector, and are happy to talk to the Battle of Prestonpans Heritage Trust; indeed a meeting between the Trust and Executive officials took place recently".

Minister Has Been and Seen ....

Most readers here will recall that the Minister was in The Pans at the Global Murals Conference in August 2006, and at that time greatly commended the innovative approach that had lately arisen in the town. As well she might since it's been internationally acknowledged as a world class socioeconomic regeneration exemplar and it's all been achieved thus far without a penny of Executive funding. Although we do seriously expect that to change for this particular 'national' heritage project!

Published Date: November 9th 2006

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