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Poles a-parking from Linda Sneddon

Linda Sneddon's Been Out Again with her Camera!

In time for Linda Fabiani MSP, Minister of Culture's, visit to The Arts Festival on Burriss Bursary/ Gothenburg Day, July 23rd, a new book on the arts in Prestonpans is due to be published. It will be focussed on the Off the Wall Arts in Prestonpans i.e. the theatre and poetry that has been created in the past decade, but the opportunity will also be taken to capture all the latest murals as well as a final section.

The last collection is to be found in The Murals Trail and Art Treasures of Prestonpans published for the August 2006 Global Murals Arts Conference here in The Pans. Since then new murals have include The Battle of Prestonpans Mural-in-a-Day, Hands at the Prestongrange Bowling Club, Sam Burns' on his own gates, The 2007 Murals Fest and Cow Parade in Cuthill Park and The Goth's Car Park Murals Map. Just completed and soon to have their own 'Official Unveilings' are Tom Ewing's Summerlee on the High Street and Adele Conn's Railway Station at Prestonpans Station Booking Office.

2008 Plans include the Cuthill Park Murals Fest and 3rd Cow Parade [joined this year by a bull], a trio of totems, new sculptures, a Pottery bus shelter and designs for 'Muralised Welcome Signs' including at last some proper mention of our Barga twin from Tuscany at all the entrances to The Pans on the upper and coast roads.

For the moment though, two images that Linda Sneddon captured for the forthcoming volume are shown below - which include the Prestoungrange Totem Pole now erected, since when the earlier book went to press it was still shrouded and horizontal - and of course our much loved Wiles Bus.

click on images to enlarge

Published Date: April 12th 2008

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