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The Goth at The Pennypit is not to be ......

The Goth not after all to take up franchise at The Pennypit ...

It's now seven months since the Pennypit Centre opened its doors in Prestonpans, and the pattern of its activities is starting to emerge. It's clearly going to be a valuable new facility for the community at large but hopes that a Goth Principled facility, along with GothPoints, could be successfully developed is not seen as likely in the forseeable future. Quite simply the levels of demand encountered left it uneconomic although The Goth under Carol Black's leadership honoured its opening day pledge that it would 'see how things went for the initial six months'.

There will certainly now be fresh strategies for the future for the Centre from the Pennypit's Trustees and from the new coalition Councillors in East Lothian themselves. Whatever happens next, however, it has The Goth's best wishes for success since it is a most significant community asset that EU and other funding made possible for the town on Pat O'Brien's and Willie Innes' watch.

The ClubHouse for PL Rugby Club, Functions and Cafe for Pennypit users

The uses the Cafe-Bar anticipates in the immediate future are as the ClubHouse for PL RFC and for the client groups of the Pennypit for its programmes and activities once these are up and running later in the year. The adjacent function room to the Cafe-Bar is of course always available for letting as is the substantial room upstairs. It is confidently expected in the years ahead that GothOutdoors will make use of these as well as of the Town Hall and Community Centre for a wide range of its own and customer originated events.

PL RFC itself has an annual sponsorship agreement with The Prestoungrange Gothenburg. The Goth directly sponsors the new schools' rugby scheme and no matter what facilities or services the Club uses, business related commissions are also accorded. And Fowler's now regularly supplies an own brand PL real ale [either 70/- or 80/- as required] on all match/ major Club days.

Why Penny Pit as the local nickname?

During the initial trading period The Goth researched how the Penny Pit got its name and of course offered a menu on a par with that which Chef Andrew Laurie regularly offers at The Goth itself. The menu card is produced below which includes the fascinating derivation of the name Penny Pit as provided by Prestonpans Historical Society. The pennies shown are George V of course, the reigning monarch until 1936; the food served however is strictly Elizabethan.

click on menu card to enlarge

Published Date: May 13th 2007

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